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Cancer abdominal cavity

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Aim: The paper evaluates the management of borderline ovarian tumors BOTs in the patients admitted and treated in our clinic in the interval January — June Material and methods: The observation sheets and pathology results of patients with malignant ovarian tumors were analyzed.

Results: Of the malignant ovarian tumors 74 Patients with BOT were aged years mean 46 ± 6. Sixty tumors were graded G1. The histological types were: serous — 35 cases, mucinous — 19 cases, mixed serous and mucinous — 8 cases, and endometrioid - 2 cases.

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Fifteen patients presented intraepithelial carcinoma and 11 noninvasive implants into the peritoneal cavity. Five women had recurrences.

Conclusions: Ovarian borderline tumors with histological characteristics of carcinoma, but with good behavior are now giardia în rezervoarele de apă better defined histological features.

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The biggest cancer abdominal cavity in the management of women with these tumors is to identify the subset that will behave in a malignant fashion and to develop effective treatment for them.

Bakarat RR, Borderline tumours of the ovary.

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