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The epithelial-mesenchymal transition EMT is considered fundamental for overcoming the in situ stage of melanoma and its proliferation beyond the basal membrane. We also presented some partial personal unpublished results.

neuroendocrine cancer day 2020

It is well established by now that progression of melanoma depends on ECM remodeling, TIMPs family being one of the most important regulators of this process. We consider some correlations are needed to be done also with other consecrated histological as Clark level, Breslow indexes, presence of ulceration, mitotic index, intratumor inflammatory infiltrate, etc.

In this light, we consider that our study could further clarify the significance of TIMPs expression in this specific type of melanoma. Neuroendocrine cancer day 2020 and therapeutic possibility of medical herbs for liver cirrhosis Vesna Stankovic, Vladimir Mihailovic, Slobodanka Mitrovic, Vladimir Jurisic Liver damage is a serious medical problem worldwide and is caused by primary or secondary metabolic, microbiological, toxicological, immunological and circulatory etiological factors.

The objective of this paper is to analyze the hepatoprotective effect of various plants, their biologically active compounds and extracts and the possibility of these compounds to attenuate complex pathophysiology processes during chronic inflammation and the development of liver cirrhosis.

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This neuroendocrine cancer day 2020 summarizes several plants whose hepatoprotective effects have been demonstrated and partially describes the mechanisms of inflammation inhibition. It is known that fibrosis includes an oxidative damage, inflammatory and immune response and star-shaped cells and their activation in hepatocytes. Effects of particular phytocompounds and their anti-inflammatory mechanisms have been studied in several cell lines in vitro, in vivo in different animal models, as well as in some clinical studies.

Results suggest that mechanisms include reduction of oxidative stress, suppression of the neuroendocrine cancer day 2020 and immune response, as well as the inhibition of the activation of hepatic stellate cells HSCsdecreasing extracellular matrix ECM deposition and induction of apoptosis, protection of hepatocytes from apoptosis and creating apoptotic bodies, which are phagocytic and activate HSCs.

Medical herbs are abundant, economical and versatile and thus are potential alternative agents with anti-inflammatory mechanism.

neuroendocrine cancer day 2020

They can be a source of bioactive compounds, and with the aim of preventing the formation and progression of fibrosis, they can find wide applications in medical practice.

The obtained results should promote further research in order to identify safe and effective protective and therapeutic resources. This disease is mediated by both humoral and cellular mechanisms and it is the result of combined effects of human leukocyte antigen HLA class II genes neuroendocrine cancer day 2020 non-HLA genes polymorphisms.

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The clinical course of AT is variable and may be characterized by spontaneous remission and by irreversible thyroid insufficiency as the consequence of atrophic and fibrous transformation of the thyroid gland in other cases. In this paper, the AT s etiology and immunological mechanism along with its cytological and histopathological features are reviewed in order to increase our understanding about the mechanism involved in pathogenesis of this disease and to open new directions of investigations that will be useful in a better clinical practice.

Inflammatory juvenile compound conjunctival nevi.

neuroendocrine cancer day 2020

The aim of this article is to determine the histopathological features for the correct diagnosis of an inflammatory juvenile compound nevus of the conjunctiva IJCNC in order to make the difference between this tumor and other lesions, like conjunctival melanoma or lymphoma, very similar from a gross point of view.

This article is a clinical pathological study of two cases of IJCNC with particular histopathological characteristics, who were admitted at the 2nd Ophthalmology Clinic, Prof.

Cum se identifică viermii la un copil hpv impfung private krankenkasse, strip detoxifiant supliment oxiuros con ajo. Detox colon detox, tratament parazi ii Papillomavirus cause psychologique virus of papilloma human, viermi fel de nume ppt platyhelminthes și nemathelminthes. Ce sunt viermii ca un melc ce sunt oxiurii, cum să omori paraziții la un copil intraductal papilloma nhs.

Both patients were adolescents, a boy year-old and a girl year-old. Both lesions were bulbar juxtalimbal located and grew in size over one year. Seen at slit-lamp biomicroscopy, the first one presented as a non-pigmented lesion, while the second was a pigmented nevus, but their dimensions did not exceed 10 mm in diameter. From a histopathological point of view, both of them showed a nested junctional growth pattern, along with intra- and subepithelial location, of the nevomelanocytes.

Tumoral cells demonstrated different degrees of atypical cytology, but in the second case, it was more obvious. Microscopic examination also revealed epithelial cystic inclusions, and prominent inflammation in the stroma hpv causes sores these two nevi.

One of the cases presented heavy inflammation that took the form of lymphoid follicles and sheets of eosinophils, but the other showed only diffuse inflammation with lymphocytes plasma cells, and eosinophils within its stroma. Conclusions: IJCNC represent a small group of nevi that develop in adolescents and have some particular histopathological features. The pathological diagnosis is difficult as the microscopic features are very similar to a conjunctival melanoma, but a detailed microscopic examination, immunohistochemical stainings and the young age of the patient could help in establishing the benign nature of these lesions.

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PV-1 expression could distinguish the subset of caveolae-presenting telocytes that are endothelial progenitors Alexandra Diana Vrapciu, Mugurel Constantin Rusu Telocytes TCs are stromal cells with characteristic long, thin and moniliform prolongations termed telopodes.

They were formerly termed interstitial Cajal-like cells. A characteristic set of markers to identify TCs in light microscopy has not been established until now. Telocytes display caveolae and can express caveolin The distinction of this progenitor subset of TCs can be easily made by a specific set of ultrastructure markers, as follows.

Caveolae of endothelial cells present stomatal diaphragms SDs. The aim of our study was to assess neuroendocrine cancer day 2020 immunoexpression of estrogen receptor ER alpha, Ki67, calretinin, and inhibin A in AGCTs, in order to evaluate their value in diagnosis and prognosis of this type of tumor.

Immunohistochemical stainings for these markers were performed in 21 cases of AGCTs. The immunopositivity evaluation of calretinin and inhibin A was scored according to the percentage of staining intensity and the extent of positive cells, of ER alpha was scored based on the percentage of positive cells, and Ki67 score was recorded as the percentage of positively stained nuclei across the tumor, without taking in consideration the staining intensity.

ER was positive in nine cases, Ki67 neuroendocrine cancer day 2020 expressed in 12 cases, calretinin showed positive immunoreactivity in 16 cases, and inhibin A was positive in 14 cases.

Stromal cells presented also immunopositivity for inhibin A and calretinin in the negative cases. Our results regarding Ki67 expression emphasize the potential utility of this marker in tumor behavior prediction.

Inhibin A immunopositivity has an important value in AGCT diagnosis, in association to the neuroendocrine cancer day 2020 evaluated markers. Additional studies are needed to identify new specific and sensitive markers for AGCT or, at least, of a panel of markers which might contribute to a more accurate characterization of these tumors.

Loss of E-cadherin expression, nuclear relocation of beta-catenin and high expression of Snail are connected to tumor progression, rapid cell growth and metastasis. The aim of our study was to analyze the immunohistochemical expression of beta-catenin, E-cadherin and Snail, depending on clinico-morphological aspects of the laryngeal squamous cell carcinomas.

Our results revealed variable E-cadherin, beta-catenin and Snail expression, depending on differentiation degree and tumor stage. These markers can be helpful in identifying the aggressive laryngeal squamous carcinomas. Integrative clinico-biological, pharmacogenetic, neuroimagistic, neuroendocrinological and psychological correlations in depressive and anxiety disorders Lavinia Maria Hogea, Laura Alexandra Nussbaum, Daniela Veronica Chiriac, Luminita Stefania De pastile de vierme p, Nicoleta Ioana Andreescu, Mirela Loredana Grigoras, Roxana Folescu, Neuroendocrine cancer day 2020 Cristina Bredicean, Maria Puiu, Elena Cecilia Ildiko Rosca, Mihaela Adriana Simu, Codrina Mihaela Levai We approach the theme of modern treatment strategies, based on clinico-biological, pharmacogenetic, genital warts and pregnancy nhs, neuroendocrinological and psychological integrative correlations in the management of depressive and comorbid anxiety disorders.

We target to evaluate the efficacy of the pharmacogenetic testing and the evolution, functioning of patients in correlation with specific neurobiological, neuroimagistic and neuroendocrinological markers.

neuroendocrine cancer day 2020

Our research was conducted between on 80 children and adolescents with depressive and comorbid anxiety disorders - 40 children G1 groupwho benefited in choosing the pharmacotherapy from pharmacogenetic testing and 40 children without testing G2 group.

Also, neuroendocrine cancer day 2020 href="">condilom mustață aurie patients were evaluated through magnetic resonance MR spectroscopy at baseline and after pharmacotherapy. Our results show statistically significant differences of the clinical scores between the studied groups: for those subjects who benefited of pharmacogenetic testing, the CDRS, the global functioning scores prove a higher clinical improvement, a better compliance and lower PAERS side effects scores and also improvement concerning the MR spectroscopy dosed metabolites values.

Our research was a proof sustaining the use of the pharmaco-genetic testing in clinical practice and the value of investigating relevant neurobiological, neuroimagistic and neuroendocrinological markers for a personalized therapy in depressive disorders.

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We observed a significant increase in the immunoexpression of collagen I and III in patients with DCM and a significant reduction in the immunoexpression of MMP-1 compared with the control group. The standard histopathological criteria for EC diagnosis lack specificity and not all the cases fulfilling those criteria are considered clinically as EC and treated. The objective of this study is to refine diagnostic criteria for EC.

We have reviewed their clinical and pathological features and tried to define the features differentiating cases considered EC on clinical grounds.

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Results: We identified EC cases. In 22 cases, a clinical EC diagnosis was established. Immunohistochemical reaction of the neuroendocrine cancer day 2020 epithelium in endometrial hyperplasia compared to endometrial carcinoma Neuroendocrine cancer day 2020 Emanuel Stoenescu, Mihaela Niculescu, Liliana Novac, Maria Magdalena Manolea, Paul Ioan Tomescu, Anda Lorena Dijmarescu, Marius Neuroendocrine cancer day 2020 Novac, Stefania Tudorache, Dominic Gabriel Iliescu The histopathological and immunohistochemical diagnosis of endometrial biopsies is used for estimating the risk of progression in endometrial hyperplastic lesions in carcinoma and for guiding the clinical management.

After the histopathological determining of the lesion type at endometrial level, the cases were studied using immunohistochemical methods, namely by the use of an antibody panel. The immunohistochemical staining of p14 was moderately expressed in the endometrioid carcinoma and negative in EH without atypia at nuclear level, and at cytoplasm level, it generally had a positive expression.

In our study, the nuclear and cytoplasmic study of immunoxpression p53, both in hyperplastic lesions and in the endometroid endometrial carcinoma, was negative, similar to the immunohistochemical expression of PTEN. At nuclear level, the immunohistochemical staining of Ki67 was positive in EH with atypia and in endometrioid endometrial carcinoma, while at cytoplasm level, it was positive only in endometrioid endometrial carcinoma. Several publications in the late years report a more frequent and distinctive entity from ARF following beta-hemolytic group A streptococcus infection in patients with post-infectious arthritis, that do not fulfill the modified Jones criteria, the so-called post-streptococcal reactive arthritis PSRA.

neuroendocrine cancer day 2020

A distinctive pattern of clinical framing and biological profile in patients with PSRA following streptococcal tonsillitis is described, with a non-migratory, additive, recent onset days arthritis neuroendocrine cancer day 2020 affects small and large joints as well, with a bimodal peak of incidence at and years of age, with variate response to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and has a tendency for recurrence and persistence.

The main objective of the current study was to evaluate various immunohistochemical patterns of streptococcal tonsillitis in patients with PSRA and find possible correlations with the clinical, biological and ultrasound profile.

The studies performed in the last 30 neuroendocrine cancer day 2020 showed that this bacterium is the main cause of chronic gastritis and the main etiological agent of peptic ulcer and gastric cancer. We investigated the prevalence of HP infection in a group of patients who addressed a gastroenterology medical center betweenin Craiova, Romania, for dyspeptic symptoms. The patients underwent a clinical, endoscopic and serologic investigation for highlighting a possible HP infection.

The age of the patients with gastric duodenal pathology varied between 16 and 87 years old. Of the patients, a neuroendocrine cancer day 2020 of

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